Komodo Croc is one of the deadliest animals alive. It is native to everywhere and is very hazzardas. Komodo Croc's can also swim in both fresh and salt water so being careful is the best otion around thse deadly creatures.

Background HistoryEdit

Dr. Joshua Reaper was a mad scientist who liked to make cross species. He would always work in his lab hoping one day he could turn the human race into a perfect race. On of his ideas was the Komodo Croc. I mixed breed between the Komodo dragon and the salt water Crocodile. He meant for it to be a species that would help with the army and would only attack when needed to. When not at war he wanted them to be calm and mild but they turned out to be terrribly DEADLY! The Crocs would not only attack the enemy soldiers but they would also attack the allied soldiers. Both sides decided they needed to get rid of this. So they joined forces and dropped a nuclear bomb hoping it would end them all. However, they didn't know that somehow a cockroach had gotten into the experiment. Making the Komodo Croc a cross speices between the Salt water crocodile, a kommodo dragon and a common cockroach. (for those of you who don't know cockroaches can survive ANYTHING). The soldiers were killed and the Komodo Croc still lives on to this day.

Appearence Edit

The Komodo Croc is the size of an alpha Crocodile and bares some resemblance. How from its head down to its long powerful tail it has short ,sharp, green spikes. The spikes can shoot out venom and paralyze anything within a heart beat. They possess powerful jaws and teeth that can rip through anythinh. Their saliva is also toxic and can kill within a heart beat. They are a mizure of green and brown but the alpha males are black and purple. The posses golden eyes which shine bright in the night.

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